Criticism: Critique vs. Hate

When I was younger I thought that I knew everything. Once I got a little older, I realized that I didn’t know everything and opened my mind enough to learn. Being young and naive, I often felt that I had mastered a task after a short learning curve.

Now I am older and wiser.

In my old age, well not that old lol, I have learned that there are people who know more than me.  Whether or not I agree with everything they say, there is something valuable in every conversation. 

Programming events, booking acts, and consulting I am often asked my opinion on things. Over time I have learned to form my words in a manner that will be better received, so I hope.

When you ask advice try these simple suggestions when listening that should help you accept then information with an open mind.

1. Stop and Breathe: Take a deep breath and stop any negative reactions.

2. There is a benefit in Getting Feedback: Different people have different views. You can benefit from different points of view to help you understand how people are receiving you or your project.

3. Gain an understanding from Listening: Listening is not just hearing. Listening is an active process.  You have to not only hear but also comprehend/receive the information that is being given to you. Active listening promotes a greater understanding.

4. Thank You: Be sure to show appreciation to the information given. Say “Thank You” and be appreciative that someone cared enough to help.

5. Ask Questions.  If there is something that you don’t understand. Ask Questions.  The answers to your questions could provide the keys you need to move forward.


“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” 
― Aristotle