The Follow Through…….

Start things and don’t finish?

Forgot to make that call back?

Don’t respond to emails?

Sometimes people don’t recognize the importance of Following Through

A Look Into The Future

As with anything in life your past can either support or haunt you.  Your Personal Brand (check out an earlier post for more info) is built on how you handle your commitments today.   The smallest jobs can turn into the largest blessings when handled correctly.

“…following up and following through on your word, is the single best indication as to what they should expect from you regarding future commitments.” –                     

It is hard to sustain the excitement and energy that comes with a new project. In the middle of completing a project – Life Happens. Understanding the importance of sustaining a good name and reputation should propel you to push through and Follow Through.

Perception is Everything 

Have you ever called someone and then notice they are posting on facebook and haven’t returned your call?

Loaned someone some money and then see them blowing money at a bar before they pay you back?

Without knowing all of the facts people make assumptions about the truth.  What assumptions have you made when a person does not Follow Through with you?

Don’t be that person.

No call back and ignored emails are traits of a person who is perceived to be unreliable or disinterested.

Follow through with your goals and you’ll have some great stories to tell!”


Building Your Personal Brand

What is in a name?   Can you be trusted?

Building a reputation for yourself takes a lot of work.  If your personal integrity is in tact it is really not as hard as you may think.  Decide what it is you want people to think when they hear your name or are in your presence.  Do they smile? Frown? Shake their head? Get excited? Think about the lasting impressions you leave with people.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that leave the biggest impressions. Where you on time? Did you arrive ready to work? Positive attitude? Easy to work with? Flexible? I always tell people to be “Early, On Time” when I hire them.  It is always important to be on time, but in production it is essential.  If you were tardy to the party (I couldn’t resist lol) and did not receive a call back, take it as a learning experience.

The wave of reality shows have altered people’s sense of reality.  Having a bad attitude does not equal success.  I am a firm believer that you should stand up for yourself and expect respect at all times, but your reaction to dissatisfaction can be a game changer. You never know who is watching.

“Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.”
– John Bezos, Founder of

What type of brand are you building?